Getting Started

I was working my way (hacking) through a new, well at least new to me, programming language when it occurred to me that the information I was finding didn’t start from scratch. It made me think, “if I were a CAD Manager who needed to automate something, and had never coded, where would I start?”

Those of us trained as designers, engineers, and architects versus computer programmers probably started with some example code. Nope, back further, we probably wondered what to do with this cryptic file of instructions. I know I can edit this in notepad, but then what?  How do I run it? Stepwise instruction often assumes you know the basics.

So, newbies, now that I got you all interested I’m going to tell you that we’re probably not going to resolve that – at least not in one post.  What I can offer is a link to an old article I wrote many years ago – to get you started – “The Five Minute VBA“. It’s still relevant and can help you get started if you are a new CAD manager and/or are new to CAD development.

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