Managing the Noise

I'm amazed by CAD managers. They are most often the hardest working team members. The environments they manage are increasingly complex. Except in the largest organizations these guys are also responsible all software and hardware. In many cases managing all IT assets from soup to nuts. You can imagine that with the addition of each software, new design office, new workstation config that chaos is not far off.

It's our mission to help you simplify. Cut through the noise, so to speak. Help you find the means, the resources to make even a small part of your design automation easier to manage. We are CADmanage. We specialize in software and services that will help you simplify and control your CAD environment.

One of the ways we will do that is to provide social tools that will let you learn and interact with others in the same position. We'll offer our own suggestions from time to time and offer some free resources when we can.

Our team has integrated the archives into our website, and we hope you find it useful. As we evolve we will provide tips and script snippets to help you out. And, of course for more complex issues we're available with software a services to help you get to the next level in performance, stability, and simplicity.

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