VBA Shortcut Methods

Bentley Systems does a great job of making MicroStation VBA easy. With each new release of the object model there are new objects, methods, and properties.Most support new functionality, but in some cases these additions help improve readability. For example,

GetLastValidGraphicalElement is a shortcut for GraphicalElementCache.GetLastValidElement

I recommend checking the Remarks section of the help documentation and the version for the methods you use. Especially if you are writting VBAs for older V8 releases. You may have to use the long form instead of the shortcut if you are writting a macro for an older version of MicroStation. I’ve also noticed that the documents don’t provide the precise release versions. So even though the new method was implemented in V8 2004, it may not have been added until a later release of V8 2004. In this case replace the shortcut with the long form of the method.

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