“I can do this in AutoCAD, How do I do it in MicroStation”

by Seth Cohen, CADmanage.com

Here at CADmanage, I am a multi-CAD user.  What that means is that I teach/use AutoCAD, MicroStation, Civil 3D, and InRoads (and Map 3D as well).  More and more, I am noticing many AutoCAD users also using MicroStation (and vice versa), and I realized that there really wasn’t a blog that discussed tips/steps to using both.  In other words, the people who ask themselves “I can do this in one CAD product, how do I do it in the other?”

So let’s talk about one of the basic functionalities in AutoCAD, OTRACKing; how do you do this in MicroStation?  The equivalent functionality in MicroStation is a combination of using AccuDraw and AccuDraw shortcuts.  Let’s say I want to start a polyline perpendicular from a point.  In AutoCAD, you acquire the point, and as long as you have Perpendicular on as a running OSNAP, AutoCAD will track it, and you can type in a distance you want to be from that point.

Perpendicular Tracking

Perpendicular Tracking

To do this in MicroStation, first type RE in the AccuDraw Window (make sure it has focus).  RE runs the ACCUDRAW ROTATE ELEMENT command, which will rotate the AccuDraw compass to the angle of any object.  Make sure you toggle on Move Origin in the Tool Settings window, and click on the point that you want to be perpendicular from.

AccuDraw Rotate Element

AccuDraw Rotate Element

Lastly, move your cursor in the general perpendicular direction, and invoke the Smart Lock shortcut by pressing Enter on the keyboard, and enter your distance.

Press Enter for Smart Lock, and Enter Distance

Press Enter for Smart Lock, and Enter Distance

Keep looking to our blog for additional multi-CAD tips.

Thanks for reading.

by Seth Cohen, CADmanage.com

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