RevFiles, Cool App

by Seth Cohen,

Last month, we talked about resources.  Well Mark and I were thinking about resources and one of the problems that a CAD Manager, or single user managing CAD, encounter is that the list of resource files can get pretty big. And, what if you have files with the same name, and you want to navigate to where the conflict is?  No easy task.  So, we had this great idea of an AutoCAD App that would review the resource files for you, and we called it Review Files (REVFILES for short)

We’re still in-process of getting it up on Autodesk Exchange, but here’s a little preview of it.  RevFiles has a palette interface.  First, to load it up, click the icon in the Plug-ins tab.

Review Files App

Review Files App

When you first load it up, it shows all the files and their folder locations of files being used by your current AutoCAD profile. Below is a breakdown of the Review Files palette.

Review Files Palette

Review Files Palette

Whats really cool about the app is that you can export the list to a .CSV file (Comma Separated Values), and double-click any of the folders or files to navigate to (really cool, and time-saving).

Look for the RevFiles app on Autodesk Exchange coming soon!

“Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.”  …………G.I. Joe

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About Seth Cohen: Seth is Vice President of Training  at CAD Management Resources Inc., specializing in civil engineering and CAD applications including Civil 3D®, Map 3D, AutoCAD®, MicroStation®, and InRoads®. He has conducted many classes for CAD professionals ranging from commercial to  government organizations.  If you would like to find out how he can assist you with your training needs he can be reached by contacting us at

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