PhotogeoDWG on Windows XP

by Mark Stefanchuk,

I just finished up some testing running PhotogeoDWG in AutoCAD 2013 on Windows XP (SP3) and the results are good. The Autodesk Exchange Apps Store installer copies the Photogeo bundle into %appdata%, as it does in Windows 7. But in XP, the AppData location is in the Documents and Settings Application Data folder of the current user, and not in the user’s roaming folder.

AppData folder on XP

Autoloader worked great in AutoCAD 2013 and I was able to run all PhotogeoDWG features as expected. So, if you’re holding off on running tools available via Exchange apps because your expecting conflicts with Windows, there’s actually no need to wait.

PhotogeoDWG on XP

About Mark Stefanchuk: Mark is a VP and senior consultant with CAD Management Resources, Inc. He divides his time between developing innovative custom software solutions and helping clients navigate complex design automation environments. If you would like to find out how he can assist you with your design technology he can be reached by contacting us at

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