Did Google Miss an Opportunity?

by Mark Stefanchuk, CADmanage.com


I think this is interesting – Google has announced its next Pwnium hacking contest and they are offering $3.14159 million in prize money. I read this first on The Register. It’s awesome, right? Nerdy prize money for a nerdy contest. But get this, the contest date is set for March 7th. Huh? Why not March 14th? I guess this only makes sense in the U.S. and Canada where we start our dates with the month first (elsewhere they start with the day first), but still, 3.14. How could you resist? If I were the marketing lead I think I would have had to insist on March 14. Maybe there’s still time to reschedule. Know anyone at Google? Let them know that they should change the date. (Thanks to my friend Patrick who recently pointed out that March 14th should be national pie day.)

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